Welcome to Aotol, please read the following content carefully, if you do not agree with any of the sections of the agreement, you cannot enter Aotol system. If you enter Aotol system, that means you accept the following sections and willing to be managed by Aotol.


Section 1 Overall

1 This system is name as í░Aotol systemí▒, in the following it may short as í░Aotolí▒.

2 The copyright of this system belongs to AOTOL PTY LTD, in the following it may short as í░weí▒ or í░usí▒.

3 The agreement explanation right belongs to AOTOL PTY LTD.

Section 2 Aotol User

4 All the users registered or read Aotol page are Aotolí»s user. In the following it may short as í░userí▒

5 Userí»s private information is protected, Aotol refuses any private information query except request by government, law, or its owner.

6 User have right of freedom of speech

7 Userí»s Aotol system utilities are not allowed to against any of laws. The opinion on public affairs should be gentle.

8 Any type advertises are banished. Any user not logs in for more than a month may be closed.

9 User takes the responsibility of his/her behavior. User compensates any direct/indirect lose or damage to Aotol that is caused by userí»s behavior.

10 Aotol have the right to banish users who break the rule, even close their accounts.

Section 3 Copyright announcement

11The topic post on Aotol by user only represents the userí»s opinion, not Aotolí»s. The user takes the responsibility of the topic. Aotol is not responsible for userí»s any psychological, physical damage or capital lose caused by other users. Moreover, it is not Aotolí»s responsibility for the authenticity of userí»s opinion on public affairs.

12 Aotol has the right to reference or reprint any userí»s topic posted on Aotol to other Aotol pages.

Section 4 Punish

13 If any of Aotol users take any one of the following, Aotol have the right to partly/fully close their Aotol right, even close the accounts.

1. Use unbecoming user ID.

2. Post indecent, the pornography, the personal attack and the counter- government opinion in the system. Publish illegal or the right infringement opinion, or collect reactionary, viral website;

3. Engage in the illegal trade moves;

4. Imitate administrative ID or other people ID, with pretends the administrative personnel or destroys the administrative personnel image;

5. Other situation that Aotol considers as is not appropriate.

14 If any of Aotol users take any one of the following, Aotol have the right to  delete users information, in serious situation, Aotol have the power to partly/fully close their before notice them.

1.Publish personal attack the opinion or abuse;

2.Publish mean less opinion;

3.Post same opinion many times;

4.Post message which seriously affects other userí»s reading or page format;

5. Other behavior that Aotol considers as is not appropriate.

Section 5 Appendix

15 All users publication article causes copyright disputing, has nothing to do with this system.

16 System will inform user if the system is going to shutdown due to system maintenance or upgrading. However, if the service is stopped by hardware breakdown or other irresistible force, system is not responsible for any lose or damage. System also is not responsible for information/message losing caused by system adjusting.

17 Aotol is neither affiliated with the authors nor responsible for pageí»s content of the pages that user saves in system or is viewing.

18 Any sections that are not involved in this agreement also see the national relevant law laws and regulations, when this agreement conflicts with national laws and regulations, take national law and regulations as standard.